• Weddings in S'Andira
Weddings in S'Andira

S'Andira, Santa Teresa
, Gallura, Sardinia
A frame of true value for a painting of Author!
The canvas that stops the most beautiful days of Your Life, a painting that remains forever, because that time is THE MOMENT happiest and memorable ever!
Rely on S'Andira, the scenario that opens all around, the quality of a service, the flavors of a cuisine high profile, the wonder of a place that is poetry.

I testi presenti nel sito sono a cura di Roberto Rossi

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Ristorante S'Andira © 2013
LocalitÓ Santa Reparata - Via Orsa Minore, 1
Santa Teresa di Gallura (Olbia Tempio)
Tel. 0789 754273 - Cell. 3474018287 - Fax 0789 754273
Per informazioni: info@sandira.it