Welcome to fragrances and flavours of Sardinia and of his kitchen.
Welcome to a land, where the local beauty spots are perfect syntony with the hospitality of its people.
Santa Teresa Gallura and Restaurant S'Andira tourism excellence, Sweet Symphony of charm and taste!

Santa Teresa Gallura, a Pearl that gleams in the Sun of Sardinia, a place that is a dream, that smells of freedom, beautiful things, of sensations that are flying high the mind, to experience a sense of total well-being, which envelops and gets inside...

Restaurant S'Andira is an institution, a beautiful story that tells of love and passion: a passion for good food. the specialities presented in the menu are the perfect balance between tradition and contemporary research.
Mediterranean-style cuisine, refined and discreet at the same time, revisited and great individuality.
A cuisine that favours the use of strictly quality ingredients, simply prepared dishes, to ensure healthy eating.

I testi presenti nel sito sono a cura di Roberto Rossi

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Ristorante S'Andira © 2013
LocalitÓ Santa Reparata - Via Orsa Minore, 1
Santa Teresa di Gallura (Olbia Tempio)
Tel. 0789 754273 - Cell. 3474018287 - Fax 0789 754273
Per informazioni: info@sandira.it